The choice of the freedoom

Born of the meeting between Nocode Paris and Thomas Fontaine, famous Parisian nose, Insolente perfume gives matter to the rare essences, sources of life.


The first fresh notes are counterbalanced by sensual agreements. The pink floral magnolia while fresh hesperidée is softened by the blackberry.


Like a caress, the lily and peach feminize note, amber and woody bring power, chic and racy stuff that reveal all the carnal elegance of the woman.


Insolente is the expression of femininity, belonging to a free world, without compromise.


Insolente is a concept for the active and modern woman, a freedom to perfume under all circumstances, five bottles whose nobility of materials and agreement will accompany you throughout your day.


Do not choose between a sedentary or nomadic product, we offer you both because the choice belongs to you.


Insolente is: "Where you want, as you want and when you want".


The World is yours!

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